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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Character Design:Ogar

This is an older character design that I created while feeling depleted from working too much. I drew it to revive some old characters that I've been drawing since I was about 13 years old! I have made some updates to him.

He always initially had the wolf head on him-although the location of it changed every time I drew him! oops hahaha
Here's the basic story in a nutshell:
Ogar defeated a powerful Wolf demon-well almost defeated it-I say this because after the battle and before the final death blow the wolf latches itself to Ogar in a final ditch effort to survive (in this dimension)-either by biting onto him or with some type of spell (undecided so far)
The wolf-demon often talks with him, and if he doesn't get his way he'll bite etc haha...
well thats what I have so far anyways!

oGar character & variations copyright joe vriens

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