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Saturday, October 11, 2008

MummRa Fanart

MuMmRa fanart

Hi everyone!
I thought I'd share my take on an old 80s cartoon character that's been etched in my memory since viewing the first episode as an impressionable young lad...
I like to do a few warm up sketches before getting into any work related art-and usually they're pretty crud and I scrap 'em but once in awhile I have enough inspiration (thanks LeSean!) to bust out a couple that don't end up in the trash-this is one of those rare occasions :) I was flippin' through LeSean Thomas' Midnight Marauders book (go buy now!) and ended up on my favourite couple pages featuring MummRa-the Villain from Thundercats. I guess LeSean was part of the team working on the new Tcats animation that never saw the light of day(such a shame) anyways, his MummRa designs were so full of life and energy that I just had to draw some of my own! These were done from memory after closing the book(and surfin' the net and pouring some appleton's)-so it's a mix between the old school original designs, LeSeans and some of my very own ;) I drew them using Alias Sketchbook Pro and later compiled them with photoshop. A few weeks later I revisited these and ended up rendering some grey scale as a warm up for some other work. Some more time passed and I added the paper texture and the border-touched up the grey scale and eventually called it 'done'. This broken up time frame type of approach happens often-and sometimes frustrates me-but whatever...
After posting this on my Deviantart page and gettin' some positive feedback I decided to revisit the other MummRa sketches and complied another page shown below:

This one includes the previous page with some minor alterations. After posting this it was obvious that the most popular sketch was the 2nd from the upper left corner(top left from the first page) and also my fav. as well-so I decided to take that one to the next level-a full grey scale painting with as much detail as possible :)
So I pulled up my chair-fired up my Cintiq and took a sip of my freshly poured Appleton's 'n' coke and worked on that for awhile. I love to just dig in to all that creepy scaly facial detail of creatures and monsters! It's almost a meditative type state after awhile-and I get into a groove-almost tracing what I see with my mind's eye. heh...could be the booze talkin' but...anyways...this is what I came up with...
I tried to video capture the entire grey scale painting process but the final videos ended up with some weird artifact's and other annoying glitches. If anyone could recommend a decent video capture program for Mac OSX 10.5.5 please let me know! I would love to start posting this type of video regularly on this blog along with some tutorials as well.
For those that actually took the time to read all my ramblings I apologize if your eyes are bleeding. I promise to work on the textual content of this site as it grows-but until then, please enjoy the perdy pic churz !

for more info on this character and the Thundercats please visit the wiki page!

MummRa&Thundercats copyright of their respective owners

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