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Saturday, October 11, 2008

"I just wanna work on my own stuff!"

"I just wanna work on my own stuff!" a comment I've heard way too many times working in the various studios I've worked for in the past 9 or so years-from Saturday morning animation to comic books or videogames-it's always the same story. I even heard it way back at Sheridan College where I studied art fundamentals and classical animation! There's something about the creative mind of an artist, be it musician, writer or otherwise that seem to have this inner fire that dies a little inside when we choose to work on someone else's ideas rather than our own. I'm not saying this is the rule, I know a lot of professional artists that prefer to have ideas given to them to fire up their inspiration which motivates them to spend hours creating and drawing and painting all day long. I'm also not saying that I suffered through each and every professional project I've ever worked on either-I've enjoyed quite a few actually-but if I spent too much time working exclusively away from my personal creative influences I would begin to suffer.

My goal is to draw & paint for the sheer enjoyment of it-not for anyone else's project or for work or anything other than selfish artistic bliss. A place where I'll be posting artwork from myself and occasionally some guest artists from the videogame, comic, animation & movie industries who share the same desire-"I just wanna work on my own stuff!"


Raox said...

Dude, seriously, we LOVE the porpouse of this blog.

joverine said...

that's good cuz you just got an invite ;)

B2b.dsgn said...

I'm not in the industry just yet... but I'm sure to follow-up on this blog.
good job

joverine said...

awesome!! this blog has been neglected as we're all so busy
but still it gains popularity?! so cool!
thanks so much
visit my personal blog at (more updates currently)

thanks again!

jesse winchester said...

Amen to that.